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SITE LAST UPDATED:  12-28-2017

Chesterfield District Chapter, S.C.G.S. publishes quarterly
Chesterfield District Chronicle. We hold regular monthly
meetings the second Sunday of each month except July and December. Some of the the projects that we are involved in
are: collecting church histories from all the denominations in
our area and encouraging these churches to have their records microfilmed, adopting and cleaning abandoned cemeteries,
and having memorial markers placed for our county's war

We are a chapter of the
South Carolina Genealogical Society
of which there are 18 other chapters all across the state.
S.C.G.S. holds a Summer Workshop each July at the
South Carolina Archives and History Center in Columbia and
their Annual Meeting each Fall. S.C.G.S. publishes quarterly
Carolina Herald and Newsletter and other beneficial
books periodically.

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Check out the new PayPal link for updating or requesting your new membership.  It is located in the new Memberhsip Information page.

We are working on including more information from James Piggs original Society Website.  Please stay tuned.

Come in and take a look at the South Carolina Hall of Fame kiosk that we have in our hall.  The link provides the full website and it's information.

The new Murder and Mayhem book is available from the Society.  We have limited copies available for those interested.  They are $30.00 each.  We also have a very limited supply of the first Murder and Mayhem book from 2004.  If interested contact the Society for pricing.

Updated Obituaries for 2015, 2016, and 2017.