Chesterfield District Chapter
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South Carolina Genealogical Society
Chesterfield District Chapter, S.C.G.S.
P.O. Box 167  Chesterfield, South Carolina 29709
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The Chesterfield Genealogical Research Library in in the beginning stages of providing a more detailed index of the holdings they possess.  Please be paitient as we update this page and provide you with new detailed information on our Holdings.

Family Group Sheets
Held by the Matheson History Room - Currently being reviewed and digitized.

Family History Books
Family Genealogies held by the Chesterfield Genealogical Research Library

Family History Questionnaire
A basic list of questions that can be used to interview your family to learn more.

Census Checklist
A complete list of census records that are available to reviewed for family.  This list includes both federal and state census records.

Sources Checklist
A very comprehensive list of possible records that can be used to research family information.

World War II Interviews
A list of 277 Interviews of World War II veterans.  These interviews were a project from the mid 1990's for students in the class of Gail Ingram, a history teacher at the Cheraw High School.  The instructions for this project can be seen here.

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