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Pettypool – Pool(e) Family

The Pettypool family was first established in colonial Virginia in the late 1650’s with the arrival of an indentured servant, William Pettypool. In time the family grew and migrated from Virginia southwards and westwards. South Carolina was a favored destination for certain branches of the family. A source of much confusion is the fact that most branches of the Pettypool family had their names changed to Pool(e), usually in the 19th century. Recent DNA analysis has confirmed that the Pettypool family are distinct from the many Pool(e) families in the USA and Europe.

The modern research into the family has been concentrated in three areas: A Guild of One-NameStudies project, a Pettypoool DNA project, and a website with narrative histories of some branches of the family. There are some intriguing clues that certain Chesterfield Poole families might indeed be Pettypools. The intent of this presentation is to make Chesterfield genealogists aware of this family and to explore this possibility. Hopefully this will increase our knowledge of
the spread of the Pettypool family across America, and if appropriate, increase the Pettypool DNA database.

April 08, 2018 James Poole will give a Power Point presentation on the Pettypool – Pool(e) Family at the Chesterfield Genealogy Library located at 100 Main Street Chesterfield, SC at 3:00 pm. Make plans to attend.

Everyone is invited to attend and bring a friend.