Chesterfield, SC 29709
Remembering 20th Century Chesterfield
Background Information About Housing Patterns in Chesterfield

The development of Ivy Hill (by J. A. "Son" Welsh, Jr.,) as a new site for homes reflected a national trend that saw Main Street and the business area replaced as the preferred home location for community leaders. The first four homes were built in 1951. The streets were not paved until 1954, and the last home was constructed in 1973. The cul-de-sac concept came to Chesterfield in this development. It was later repeated in the Chester Park development on the west end of town. The difference between the two housing developments was that Ivy Hill catered to established home owners who began building larger, more modern homes. Chester Park (by C & H Construction: Joe Helms and Paul Corriher) developed as a site for first time home owners. The homes were constructed in the mid 60's. (Editor's note) Apparently both developments were under funded as evidenced by the lack of any amenities such as curb and guttering . No playground facilities were constructed and restrictive covenants were never enforced but the move to the suburbs was under way. Another area that developed as a site for new homes is the area to the East of Park Drive on Park Lane and River Drive. These streets are now connected to Green Street which was extended in the latter part of the century. Trotti Avenue connects this area with North Craig Street by the Baptist Church. A later development, Tavern Branch, originated behind the old Chesterfield Manufacturing plant (Polo-Pal) off of Curtis Road and a number of homes have been built in that area in more recent years. Two new areas (Fairway Road and Country Club Road) adjacent to Green River Golf Course have developed into prime locations for new homes