Please print this Form, fill out, and send to the address below: 

Chesterfield District Chapter, S.C.G.S.
Post Office Box 167
Chesterfield, South Carolina 29709


Please fill out and return the following so that we may know more about YOU!

Please Print                                                                                    Date _____________________

                     Name:                                                                                     (Maiden Name)

M ________  _______________________________________________  _________________________

Address ____________________________________________ Home Phone ______________________

City _________________________  State _____  Zip ___________  Bus. Phone  __________________

Present or former occupation ____________________________________________________________

Personal experiences which may be useful for volunteer activities:

                                    _______ Administrative
                                    _______ Advertising
                                    _______ Assist chapter officers
                                    _______ Computer knowledge: _______ own computer
                                    _______ Currently serving or have served as a volunteer
                                                    in the following area (s):
                                    _______________, _______________, _______________
                                    _______ Extraction: cemeteries, marriages
                                    _______ Financial: accounting, budget
                                    _______ Genealogical counseling
                                    _______ Interested in car-pooling to monthly meetings
                                                    _______ can/cannot drive
                                                    _______ willing to pay or share costs
                                                    _______ willing to call those in my pool
                                    _______ Interested in an informal study group in my area:
                                                    _______ will coordinate my group
                                    _______ Interested in serving as an officer
                                    _______ Marketing
                                    _______ Obituary clipping, filing
                                    _______ Publishing: artwork, copy, edit, magazine layout,
                                                    photography, printing, proofread, writing
                                    _______ Public relations
                                    _______ Research and answer inquiries
                                    _______ Typing: _______ own typewriter
                                    _______ Abandoned cemetery cleanup
                                    _______ Refreshments
                                    _______ Teaching Genealogy
                                    _______ Genealogy Lecturing

Volunteers are the backbone and heart of genealogical societies! The success of our chapter is dependent upon our members who willingly offer their time, skills, and knowledge.

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